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How To Prepare For Christmas Session

There are so many gorgeous outfits to choose, and here are a few tips what I usually recommend to my clients:

The choice of clothing largely depends on the color of the scenery, but I have general recommendations:

- the clothes of all participants in the shooting should be combined in style, color, and preferably texture. You do not have to wear the same sweaters, but still, the color and style of clothing should match.

- clothing for Christmas shooting must correspond to the time and place (winter, holiday).

Clothing for women:

- it is better to have a solid color outfit, except for the clothing with Christmas prints (snowflakes, deer, etc.)

It can be:

- evening/cocktail dress, preferably white/red/gold/beige/green;

- short dress / long sweater made of soft cozy fabric/knitted and thigh-high leg warmers or knee socks;

- Christmas print sweater and blue jeans;

- knitted hats, mittens

- for an evening look - shoes, for others - knitted socks (not black);

- please do not wear nylon tights to the photo session

Clothing for men:

- knitted turtleneck sweater;

- linen trousers in light colors (gray/beige)

- blue jeans, Polo shirt to match the clothes of other participants of the photoshoot

- a knitted hat/scarf if you are matching it with other family members in the photo shooting

- shoes that match the image (not street shoes). Socks - only in the same tone as other participants of the shooting (not black).

Clothing for girls:

- similar to the clothes of my mother, perhaps the same.

- knitwear, dresses, blouses

- fancy dresses

- headband that matches the Christmas theme.

- hats

- scarves, mittens

- shoes that match the season and style of other members in the photoshoot.

- please do not wear tights to the photo session

Clothing for boys:

- suits, bow tie

- woolen things

- children's glasses, usually only a frame

- light jeans, light trousers

Clothing for babys:

- Christmas themed suits (Santa/snowman/animal)

- knitted blouse and linen/corduroy pants

- cozy hat

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